Hinah Island (Wanted) Plot

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Hinah Island (Wanted) Plot

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Hinah Island (Wanted) Plot

Minds Eye: a tropical bar. Dog, Darla, and a young blonde man are celebrating and having drinks to a new partnership. They're talking about a job they're gonna do. They raise their mugs together.

It's dark outside. The moonlight streams in through boardwalk slats as the scene is set at night beneath the boardwalk on the beach. Dogeye is digging a grave. Darla is sitting on the sand watching. A ripped up and torn body of the blonde man lays nearby. Two mutts are seen behind Dogeye with blood and bits of flesh on their snouts.

A dim temple lit by candles. Scenes of bloodletting around carved in stone steps. A hooded man kneels in front of a well and cuts his hands letting the blood drip down while saying a prayer.

They arrive to the Southern Isle of Hinah. It is the main island. It is one of the larger ones and home to the main port. Busiest port they have seen to date. There's over a dozen isles. Some can be reached in small sail boats while others are a bit more of a journey.

The island has a long boardwalk on it which is the Main Street located above the beach that runs far down the shore. There are several stories above it with houses building up and around. There are some tents on the beach and bonfires further down the coast. There are docks all along one side of the cove where the ships come in but then the boardwalk continues past the docks.

Constant flow of activity. Very unique people from all different parts of the world. Different nationalities and races. Greenbean would not stand out there. Elves and goblins and halflings.

The air is humid and hot. The group gets off the ship after their long journey. The ship needs to be patched up after the experiences they had at sea.

Samara is the innkeeper of The Barnacle. She is sarcastic and bitchy. She's reading a romance novel "Desire in a time of the Orc Wars" about the last surviving soldier saving a princess captured by orcs. Dog never tipped her last time so she threw out his mail. Except for a letter from Shaszh. She likes him. He left Delonce. Went across the sea to follow other pursuits. She claims she hasn't seen Darla.

They get two connecting second floor suites. Temporary housing units. Balconies. Four levels high. People smoke and drink and lounge about on the balconies.

Things to do in Hinah:

Beach and docks for swimming and fishing. Watching a variety of ships come in. Some are very unique. Pirate ships are common in Hinah. Peace zone amongst the different ships. Much of the first day is spend just enjoying the tropical island way of life.

Dreamers house. Dream magic that allows priests to shape your dreams into anything you want. Wildest fantasies come to life.
- It is a three story decorative wooden house with a round balcony in front.
- Greeted by a thin tattooed girl, Aya, in the doorway. She waves at Dog. "Still selling unrealistic life expectations that lead to depression?" "Still cutting yourself to achieve the same damn thing?" "Touché"
- There's a couple of dazed people wandering out. Aya waves at them too. She offers the gang a try. Cheaper.
- There are priests hat weave dream magic to allow the dreamers to see their desires.

Hedge Mage Covens that teach people basic magical crafts. Often forbidden elsewhere. Because it can be dangerous.
- An older man, Aristide, in a long coat. He runs one of the covens. See him talking to a small boy who seemed to have inherited some magical ability after he uses magic to pickpocket.
- He looks up. Grins at the group. Helps people gain their potential. He offers them to attend a meeting. Under the docks.
- Dog explains that the covens are like gangs here. They recruit young. The others can go, he’s not interested. He’ll meet them at a bar later if they do.
- If they attend the meeting later that night, there are a lot of odd and scraggly looking people hanging out under the docks with the old man. He seems to be teaching them a variety of magic skills and tricks. Some are very basic. Some are dark magi: the kind of body manipulation that Taia does. Breaking and setting bones. Practicing on each other. One person accidentally blows off their own hand.

The Night Market: Black market trade, stolen goods. Each evening the ships set up markets on the beach. Can get very good prices. We see ships setting up make shift stalls on the beach. Lanterns put up.

- Some stolen cargo. Much of it weapons. The large well build merchant motions to the wares: “Barely used weapons! Great condition. The guys who used them didn’t know shit about using them. Get them at a steal!” Dog buys a crossbow.
- Alligator skins and meat. Claims that they sell “sea monster” parts but the gang knows that the merchant is lying and it is just lizard flesh.
- A stall that sells dried bugs.
- Magical orbs: some that let you store images, some that let you see the last 15 minutes, nothing too useful but cute. Replay moments.
- Slaves are sold off a small boat at the edge of the market. A few pirate captains are hanging around. The slaves are mostly young. Orphans. Human, gnome primarily. Collars and chains. Higher price for the best trained ones. Can take them back north, they’ll claim to be “servants” so no one will know. For an additional fee will track down and replace any runaways.

The Parrot Plank: There is a variety of different rum bars and wine cafes. Sample different alcohol from different parts. Very sweet honey mead with tropical flavors. They have dinner there.

- Taia meets the assassin in a rum bar (scroll down to the next page).
- Dog has a drug dealer there. Greer. The man is very dark skinned. He has scars on his face. Wide smile stained red. He travels the isles and knows everyone. Seen smoking a red weed that puffs red smoke.

Temple of Dolere on a small sister island. Short boat ride away. You see Dolere priests around. Blood priests. Robed hooded men with dried blood on their hands. People avoid them even here.
- Observe a priestess doing a prayer on the beach. Cuts her hands and drips blood across the sand in a pattern, kneels to pray. The blood starts to sizzle and smoke dark tendrils of power circle around her. She glances back and meets eyes with Griff. He can sense strong power from her. She smiles.
- The priestess, Tamsin, approaches Griff and tries to convince him to attend a church meeting. Sees something in him. Takes his hands. He feels a spark of power. She’s attractive, dressed in dark robes, her hair is dark to her shoulder, green eyes.

The problem arises:

There is a bounty on Dogeye and Darla. A nobleman, Lark, whose son they killed set up that bounty. An assassin takes the bounty.

The assassin approaches Taia to buy her a drink, mango seed rum. Hits on her. Charming. Very attractive. Tells her he's a bounty hunter. Points to a wall where there are various postings. He wears gloves, a hat, linen shirt, and leather pants. All worn in.

If the party checks out the wall, there are a number of postings on it. Some for escaped slaves or robbers or thieves. Roll perception. Spot one old poster corner that seems that a man is asking for info on his son’s disappearance. Last seen with Dog and Darla. Charles Lark.

A bar fight starts. Two guys over a disagreement over a game of dice. A stool is thrown across the way. It hits a party member (luck it). Everyone gets kicked out of the bar. The attractive man is gone.

If the party asks Dog about the poster:

- Charles was a young man that they met in a bar. He was new to the isles. He had a bit of a wild streak and he got along well with the two. Hit on Darla but that was not unusual.
- They took a job to a smaller island to recover some goods from a smugglers camp that double crossed some pirates. Their camp was on a beach.
- They did a job together and in the process Charles killed a woman he did not have to. She was the mark of their mark and completely innocent. He strangled her and cut her.
- Darla confronted him about the murder on the docks that night once she realized it.
- He ended up beating the crap out of Darla and Dog killed him and had his pups tear him up.
- This occurred under the docks. After the dogs were done with the body they buried it.
- An old homeless man saw them.

About a week after they arrive. Everything has been going well so far. The assassin stealthily stabs Dogeye when they are walking at night. There is a fight. The assassin escapes. He is immune to mind control. He has blood abilities. Control body and blood.
- The knife is a special sacrificial dagger that drains blood out and then is used in a ritual to kill the sacrifice and their target. This way the person sacrifices themselves for revenge.
- He tries not to hurt Taia or Griff much. In fact, he tries to flee more than anything.
- “Nothing personal. Just filling out a bounty.”

Dog returns to the inn. He yells at Samara: "Why didn't you tell me there was a bounty on my head?!" "Am I supposed to remember every bounty on every lowlife who pissed someone off around these parts?" “Plus you’re cheap.” They can pay her off to try to give more info.

- The info is that Charles dad came by looking for him months after Dog and Darla left. He was obsessed. Asking around. Offering rewards. He finally found a homeless man who told him what happened. He dug up the body.

- After he found out he turned to the priesthood with nowhere else to turn. When he saw Dog return he chose to make the ultimate sacrifice for Dolere.


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