Hinah Island Plot - Part 2

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Hinah Island Plot - Part 2

Post by Ellamina on Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:09 pm

Hinah Island Plot - part 2

Quinn is actually a bounty hunter/slaver with an ability to disarm magic users. One of the priestesses at the dream house gave him a heads up on Taia? He wants to sell her to a noble that collects magical slaves.

Tamsin was supposed to oversee the attack on Dog. Noticed Griff. Wants to distract him? Realizes he is powerful. His interest in blood magic interests her.

Alastair is forming a gang of magic user kids. Around 12 of them between 7 and 18 years old. He believes everyone is entitled to learn magic and many cultures don't see it that way. He helps them with their potential in exchange for some of it. And money. He wants Griff to help teach his kids. Share some knowledge. One of his girls was recently kidnapped by Quinn. She was the best: Madeline.

Anna is the manager of the Dream House. She's going to talk Greenbean into coming in for more dreams if she's back in her form. The priestesses slowly steal life force a little at a time. Sometimes accidents happen and have to be covered up.


Griff goes to see the mages at night and finds out about Alastairs training and the missing girl.
As he is coming back he runs into a hungover Taia at the cafe. Her magic isn't working for some reason. She was drugged by Quinn.
Dog wakes up with human Greenbean in his room. Awkward.
A hooded priest attacks Dogeye and stabs him with a magical dagger.
Griff and Taia see the shadow of the priest on the balcony and realize something is wrong. Fight. Taia can't use her magic. She can't heal. Priest flees.
Dog yells at Sam for not telling him there was a bounty on his head. Greenbean can show him the poster if she had not yet. Can bribe Sammy for info about it.
Dog goes to his drug dealer to get patched up. The wound won't heal up.
Can see Alastaire. He can help find out what's going on with the poison.
Outside merchants are setting up for the night market. See Quinn talking to a noble man. Can follow him to find out about the poison and missing Mage girl.
Can fight Quinn. The nobleman collects magic user slaves. Keeps them. Heard of Taia from the sailors. Quinn offered to get her for him.
Come nightfall take the boat to the Dolere island.


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