Mirror World Plot

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Mirror World Plot

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Mirror World Plot

Minds Eye: Lorelei is standing on the porch of her swamp cabin. Henry and Blackfang are beside her. She is looking out in the direction of town. Smoke in the air and the light from fire. She is frowning. All of a sudden there is boom from somewhere in the other direction, from within the swamp. An earthquake shakes across the island. Lorelai pauses and holds out her hands. Henry barks. Blackfang whines. Lorelei narrows her eyes. “What did they do now?”

The teleportation spell brings us to the beach of the small island we departed months ago (did it even have a name?). At least we think so. Everything immediately looks and feels different. The sand underfoot has an odd glimmer to it. It is daytime. The sky seems to have a grayish blue tone to it and the sun seems less bright in the sky somehow. Like under a filter. A fog in the distance.

Roll observation: There is a small flicker in the air where they teleported. You get the feeling that is the way out, a doorway of some sort that we forced through with the teleportation spell.

There are bones scattered amongst the sand. Countless bones. All bare. Most are not human. Off in the distance is a small fishing boat on the sand and an old man collecting the bones.
If we approach he is dressed in tatters. Something is very wrong with him. “Still some meat on these.” He goes to chew them with sharp shark-like glass teeth while staring at us. He runs away if we get too close or attack him.

The town is strange. The inn is half collapsed and charred but the charred sections glimmer. Crystal mirror like shards grow through the boardwalk and around the buildings. There are people, townsfolks, milling about but they are strange and warped. They have glass eyes and teeth. Some have crystalized shards through their faces and bodies. One snaps at the group. Others seem to go about their business.
Zal feels very uncomfortable. He can tell that the spirits have been displaced in these bodies. They are like shells.
We walk down the boardwalk. Small boardwalk that leads through the town and into the swamp.  
The fortune teller is coherent. Greenbean recognizes her. Zal can tell she is like a mirror too. She is sad sitting outside her booth. Smoking. Staring into the water. She knows the mirror world has taken over. Warns them to be careful. The spirits are free now. They are taking over vessels. The mergers are driving them insane. Two souls don't belong in one body. They are destroying the real souls. Shattering them. When entering the mirror the exchange was fluid and easy, one life for another, but this is unnatural.
Dog wants to go see Lorelei and check that she is alright. She might have an idea of what to do.

Take a boat into the swamp. The swamp is as warped as the town. Glass like jagged pieces shoot out from the water. Parts of the water is just glass surface. See things moving beneath it. Hard to find our way around. Finally we dock the small boat on the shore we had left it at before.
Hear barking up ahead. Dog perks up. It's Henry. He is slowly padding down a trail towards us. As he gets closer his eyes and teeth are glass. He attacks all crazed like. Dog can't control him. Have to kill Henry.
Head to Lorelei's cabin. It is the only thing that seems to be unaffected. There are wards around it. It looks just like they saw it last. Empty. Remember the bugs. Blackfang is hiding inside. Find various ingredients for spells. No sign of her.

Hear sounds off in the distance, breaking glass, splashing water. Follow the sounds to come upon a battle.

Lorelei is in the middle of a fight with around 6 things surrounding her. She is overrun but she is doing very well. Flickering spirits swarm towards her. They are shimmery spirits of light that are almost humanoid sometimes but like balls of light at others. She is using the swamp magic to keep them back. Help her defend. One of them plunges into her chest.
Around 12 people hiding in the nearby cave. She will stay with the people. She needs time to recover and can put up the wards. There is no way out so the villagers that weren’t killed or possessed hid in the cave nearby and came to her for help. She will ward the cave. There is no way out off the island. We can tell her about the break in reality on the beach.  
Lorelei was going to go take care of what happened. Traced it to the ruins. The spirits are coming free and something these is polluting the land. She suspects that we had something to do with it. Pulls Dog aside by the arm. “Do you know what you’ve done? This. Things like this is why I never wanted my brother anywhere near you. You cause destruction everywhere you go.”  

Head to the temple ruins. It is being excavated by some villagers that are possessed. Around 15 milling around. They are keeping watch on it. Almost like a cult. They worship the mirror, bow down to it, wear shards around their necks. It looks like they excavated quite a bit of the ruins by hand. There are many paths leading into the pit now from around the mound. We can sneak in to one easily.  
There are creatures down below. Glass like monsters. Sound of broken glass when they move. Reflect magic and warp it. Slice with sharp limbs. They creep through the rooms.
Make our way through half collapsed rooms, some upside down, some destroyed.
Find a confused young woman with a glass face wandering about aimlessly.
Finally we make our way down into the main chamber. The walls are all skewed. The wall where the mirror was is now the floor. The border around the mirror which had runes on it is smashed and gone. The mirror surface has spread across half of the floor like liquid. Parts of it seem to seep into the exposed areas of ground. It hardly looks like a mirror anymore, but almost like molten metal.

Kem is half trapped in the mirror. He is partially absorbed in it from the waist down with his hands inside it like he tried to crawl out but got stuck part way through. The mirror uses his magic while spreading through the ground itself. Flickers of light move across it.  
Zal can use Kems magic as well in this room.
The mirror reflects spells thrown at it and warps them. Lashes out with sharp tendrils of glass. The mirror itself is the final boss.
Free Kemek and the mirrors hold is broken.
1. Can free Kem and escape through the hole in the reality in the beach with Lorelei and the people who survived. Leave the mirror spirits trapped on the island with no way of escape.
2. Can destroy the mirror by turning its magic against it (reflect) or breaking it (enough attacks). This will release the spirits into the world. Break the mirror. Shards begin to shatter around the island.


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