Niska the Thief Plot

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Niska the Thief Plot

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Niska the Thief Plot

Minds Eye:

A bathhouse located in a wooded area. Dog and Darla are in a large wooden open air bathhouse. He is stoned out of his mind, a cigarette at the corner of his lips. She is leaning on the edge looking up at the sky. There are some drinks around. Signs of drugs. End of a party.

"I need to go up north. I got a letter earlier. From Marcus. They found some cargo from a ship crashed in the arctics. They think it's his ship. The North Star."

"Your father? Shit. Yeah." He takes a drag from his cigarette. He then puts it out and turns to her. He grins. "Of course dearie, I got your back don't I? I always got your back. We’ll figure this out and get those answers." He moves forward to pull her closer.

A few days later they are on the road. It's raining. Dog is arguing with Darla as they pull up to a small shitty inn. "Why the fuck would I ever want to go see that stuck up asshole Marcus up north? No it's fucking bullshit. He just wants to fuck you. I hate that city. We were supposed to head to the southern isles and you change the plan just out of nowhere for no fucking reason?"

The Docks of a Ruined Island:

The murder hobos are sitting on the dock of the remnants of the ruined island. Ships are starting to approach.

The survivors from the island are gathering their belongings and mourning their red in a bittersweet celebration of freedom. Lorelei has been avoiding Dogeye and the group. Kemek has been helping tend to the wounded. Dogeye fetched his things from the half collapsed inn.

A moment of calm. Kemek and Zal get to actually face each other for the first time without the stress of needing to handle any problems or save any people.

The ship starts taking survivors off the island. No one wants to risk teleportation as there is still some flicker of magic in the air and it may be unpredictable. The hobos take the first ship out.

The Black Parrot Inn:

A medium sized inn located in a medium sized port town on a smaller island Harrej located west of Hinah amongst the southern isles. It is the type of inn we have been to before, with a large ground floor filled with tables and a long bar and rooms upstairs. It is crowded. Stories are being spread about what happened on the island.

The murder hobos are celebrating not dying and getting off the island. It's a bittersweet celebration due to everything that happened.

The innkeeper is a middle aged jolly large man with a long black beard, Big Frank. Former pirate. Now business man. Loves chatting with customers. Wants to hear all stories. Gets to talking to the gang. Offers them rounds on the house in exchange for a first-hand account of what happened on the island.

There are a lot of old former pirates hanging around. Big guys. Look like they can handle themselves. He seems to know everyone. Often times guys walk in and wave at Big Frank. This is clearly a port for regulars.

There's a pretty girl singing in the corner by the bar. Very modestly dressed for the isles in a long dress with a higher neck. She is the innkeepers niece. She looks vaguely familiar to Dog. He keeps glancing over at her. Big Frank notices the looks and grins proudly. “That’s my neice! Niska!” Waves her over.

Niska is a dark haired young woman with long curls and an amazing voice. She finishes her song, comes over, kisses her uncle and acts very sweet and proper. She wants to go to the mainland. Her dream is to sing at a theater in a large city, Obica, and she had gotten accepted. Drinks wine. Slips out after a short chat.

Big Frank is worried about her venturing out on her own. He wants to pay the party to escort her. He has been raising her since her parents died and she turned his life when she came to live with him around a year ago. She can do no wrong. He offers them 5 gold a person but if they don't fulfill their assignment he'll have people track them down. Still has connections.


Later in the night Dog is making out with Niska outside the room. She stole some whiskey. She tells the others to fuck off. Very different girl then. Bitchy and snarky. "Don't mess with me or I'll get my uncle to kick you out and you'll be sleeping on the streets."


Middle of the night. The party in the room next door are awoken by an argument. Something gets broken. Can't really make out the words. Sounds like trouble. They can go check on Dog and Niska.

Niska storms out and Dog grabs her wrist to stop her. He claims she was stealing from him. She is a little fucking thief. He remembers where he knows her from now. He met her on the mainland about a year ago. He found Darla’s jacket amongst her things. They are both drunk. She threatens to call her uncle if he tells and says he had her in his room.

The party can let her be, tell her uncle, or calm her down.

- She heard about the deal that he offered them. Wants them to take it. Rather them then some bigger losers her uncle will find.

- There is no main part for her in the theater. She plans to run off but doesn't want her uncle to worry or send anyone after her. She has a friend at the theater that will cover for her.

- In turn she'll tell Dog something about Darla. He's too stoned to remember.

If the hobos agree to escort her she smiles, kisses Dog, and walks off. See you in the morning.

If the hobo don’t agree she calls her uncle and him and a bunch of his friends try to tough up the gang. We fight 5 pirates and get kicked out of the inn into the night.

The Journey:

Come morning the gang and Niska head out on a small boat off the island. Big Frank has a bodyguard with Niska. A burly man, Test, with lots of tattoos. He eyes the group. Very serious. The interaction varies depending on whether they are with Niska or just on the same ship.

The trip is short. They arrive to Hinah by noon. There they switch ships to the mainland. Dog alternates being stoned and moody. He tries to corner Niska a few times to tell him but her bodyguard throws him off.

Just as they are about to dock the bodyguard is found murdered. Dogeye is suspected. He is found in the room covered in blood. He can't remember if he did it. Guards are called in. Niska is nowhere to be found.

The group has to fight and/or escape the guards trying to apprehend them.

Later on in town they see Niska on horseback. She grins. She states she is glad they got out of that predicament. She just couldn't have Test hanging around. She has some things to handle. Takes off but before she does she tells Dog to check the pocket of that jacket. Finds the letter.

Dogs Memory

A letter is located in the inside pocket. It's from Marcus about some recovered cargo from the ruins of a ship in the arctic.

Since Dog has a hard time remembering Griff helps him. Projects a memory of a stoned Dog and Darla in the bath from the minds eye scene. She reads the letter. Tells him about going north to find her fathers ship. He agrees. Says he'd be there for her. He had completely forgotten that discussion.


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