Stone Eaters Plot

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Stone Eaters Plot

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The Stone Eaters Plot

Minds Eye: A young man is doing some labor work building a brick wall. On closer look there is something off about him. His hands are more elongated and the skin that runs up them is thicker and darker in designs and through a bandana he wears thick horns can be seen. A couple of people in town walk by and mutter some things about how his mother should have let him in the woods to die.

The scene changes: The town folks seem huddled in a church, scared, and panicked. Outside rumbling sounds can be heard. A few men bust in. One of them has a broken off arm. There is no blood. Just weird cracked skin and crumbles like rock. He looks to be in a lot of pain. "We can’t fight them!" One of the men yells.

The same guy from before is seen in the doorway. He looks about disheveled. No bandana now. Covered in dust. "I can." He grins. "But I won't."

Back to the Murder Hobos. At least the ones that are remaining now.

They get turned around in the dark cold woods. Dogeye is freezing and sweating cause of the withdrawal. Finally the trees open up ahead of them and they come out into a clearing and see a well traveled road. They follow it.

The party passes several farms on their way to the next town with red Xs painted on them. Looks to be a big farming community. The farms are not doing well. Drought and an early freeze. No sign of animals. Some of the X ones are a mess of broken debris. Other are still okay.

Jeremy finds a stray mutt on one of the farms.

A small stone cat in the road. It looks like it's creepily watching them with wide eyes.

There is a girl, Grace, wiping the X from her barn. Dog strikes up a conversation. He flirts. She's kind of bitchy to his flirting. She tells them the x's are a warning from the Vultures. The farms haven't been doing well and can't afford to pay for the protections. Her father calls her away.

The town is not far off.


The town is a small one with a Main Street and some shops. The magic users may notice some runes drawn around it. Kind of crude work. It seems to ward off something.

The party comes to town to Cask Ale House. It is busy this time of the evening, mostly locals. There is a large party in the back. One of them has horns. They are drinking and laughing and being loud and obnoxious. The others seem to give them space and be kinda afraid of them. They order round after round which is quickly brought over while the service for everyone else is lacking.

The innkeeper, Martha, warns the party to stay away from then and not start trouble. But she clearly keeps her opinions to herself about them.


The bandits extort money to protect the farmers. They are a gang of losers and non humans who have been kicked by society. They caught a lucky break when the town became under attack by a hotspot of fel magic. They call themselves The Vultures.

Drear - the Demi human fighter
Harring - the warlock
Gower - the rogue

Around 6 other rugged bandit looking men.

The Vultures to eye the group from a distance. One of them buys a round of drinks for them. Drear looks over Greenbean. He seems to sense something about her. He grins. Waves her over. Asks her to perform. Asks her what she is.

At this point the door opens and Vincent comes in with Audrey. He has a rough day. He came to the first town after hearing about Kemek passing through. He found it in shambles and destroyed with only the innkeeper behind hiding in the inn. He took her with him and brought her here.

Vincent sees the party. Audrey recognizes them as the ones that were looking for Kemek and points them out. Vincent recognizes Taia? And vice versa. They all chat.

A man approaches the Vultures and asks for their help. They reject him. He hasn't paid in months. Does he expect a free service? They're not charity workers. Drear tells Greenbean about how the guy threw rocks at him.

Drear and Greenbean can maybe hit it off? Dog gets jealous? He sees the girl from the farm come in for a drink. He goes over to flirt with her again. She isn't having much of it but when she sees his group friendly with the Vultures she asks for his help. He says she'll owe him a kiss. She agrees. Vincent can see this.


Come night time the Vultures head out. The party can join them if they made friends.

Or they can help the man and go to his farm and to Grace’s farm to kill the creatures. If they stay then the townsfolk ask them for help.

Either way they end up on the outskirts of town again. The runes in town glow faintly as they leave.

They make rounds killing off the stone eaters. They creep through the farms and the tall grass.

The Stone eaters:

Large scaled reptile like demons with glowing yellow eyes. They turn living beings to stone and then consume them. Nocturnal and recoil from light. Very fast.

Three long tails that whip about and when they strike cause the flesh to grow hard and limbs unusable. Several strikes turn to stone.

Harring casts runes to protect the town and the farms in the outskirts. The "nightly rounds." The farms that pay.

The others kill off any stragglers. They seem to know how to fight these things very well. Harring has spells that recoil them. Drear is immune to their attacks and is very strong. He grabs them by the tails. The others are generally agile. When the stone eaters are killed they crumble.

The Vultures take the gang to their home, the mayor’s former house. They took it over as part of their deal with the town. It's a party to celebrate their good work. They share the money, food, and drink with us.

Dog may score some light drugs if he rolls lucky.

Drear will try to convince the group to join them permanently or for a while.

Come morning we return to the tavern (maybe hear rumors of Kemek?). The villagers seem to have been meeting up and discussing plans. They approach us about finding the source of the problem and taking it out.

The creatures come from the mountain. The Vultures can stop them but won't. Never go there. Grace offers Dog whatever he wants if he stops this once and for all. “Anything.” Vincent can very well hear this.

At this point the group has a moral dilemma. They can leave things be, join the Vultures, or they can kill the source of the problem. We debate!

If Vincent goes alone he gets his ass kicked. He needs the party. There are too many Stoneeaters. He comes back to the group injured.

The Vultures catch wind of this and try to stop them from leaving town?
- Can fight them.
- Can reason with them.
- Can sneak away.
- Greenbean can charm Drear.

The den is in a forest in the edge of a mountain. It is eerily quiet and there are broken up rocks and stones everywhere around. Approach a mountain that looked like it has a large fissure in the side of it. The stone eaters are curled up around a large rock in a crack in a cave. Almost like cats against a hot lamp, napping in the day time. It glows a faint yellow color and feels heavily of fel magic. There are a few old rotten lizard corpses.

There is also a man like a statue sitting there. He watches over them. He is a human stone eater. He was a miner from the town. Hid out here when the fissure formed. The stone is what did this. It changed him and the lizards. He attacks.


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