Monster Plot

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Monster Plot

Post by Ellamina on Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:02 pm

A doctor in a city is kidnapping homeless kids and adults and making them into monstrous creatures with metalic headgear over their faces.

Drip, drip, drip. Droplets of water make their way onto the stone floor. The room looks like an antique doctors office. I. The middle of it there is a claw foot bath filled with murky water. Rusted metal tubes come out of it. Something stirs under the water and a dirty female hand comes up and grabs the edge of the tub. She pulls herself up, thrashing. She is nude and dirty but her head is covered by a large metal contraption like mask which has tubes running from it into her chest and back. She scrambles out and rushes across the room towards a well dressed man standing there calmly watching. He casts a spell of some kind and she twitches and falls down in pain. "Don't worry. You'll forget your old life soon."

The city they come to is a slum. It looks like it was once prosperous but the years have been hard. The industry has fallen after a few of the ruling families pissed away their gold. A lot of buildings are in disrepair. Stores are boarded up. A few remain but everything is kind of shabby. Some guards are seen hanging out openly drinking on the job.

An old man is walking around putting up drawings with a pretty blonde girl and the word missing. His granddaughter. Notice there's a few missing posters up.

They check into a cheap inn. A young man smoking outside. Lots of rowdy people drinking. A few guards don't seem to give a damn. More posters.

Roll luck!


One of the party members gets drunk and/or sick. Goes out to throw up/piss and sees a shadow across the wall, unnatural metal contraption. Clicking noise. The creature which is very strong attacks and knocks them out.

They wake up in a stone cell. There is the girl from the intro there. She is huddled in a corner. She cannot talk. The mask clicks. The floor is cold. They are drugged and naseous. Magic is hard to cast.


The rest of the group doesn't find the missing member. The boy from before tries to offer info for gold. He got the impression they were rich.

The group can pay him or bully him. He leads them to an old building. It is am ambush of couse by a group of street kids. They wanna give them to the doctor so he doesn't take more of them for his experiments.

An old orphanage is where he does his experiments.


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