The Bog Plot

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The Bog Plot

Post by Ellamina on Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:04 pm

A peasant in ratty clothes walks through the woods on a cloudy dreary day. He is carrying a bundle. A baby. He comes to a large bog. There's nowhere further to go. He frowns. As good as any place. He seems about to throw the baby into the bog but then rethink it and just sets him down. He sighs and quickly rushes off.

The child starts crying. A close up shows he is very malnurished and his eyes are deformed. Blind.

It's dusk now. The baby barely wimpers. A little elf girl comes across him. She looks excited and picks him up. She hugs him like a puppy. Then she sees his eyes. She sets him down on the grass and casts a spell. Vines rise up and seem to pluck out his dead eyes somehow not hurting him. She created two gold orbs which she sets in place instead.


It's cloudy, dreary, and the group has been traveling for some time. The last town was in the middle of nowhere. The next town likely another few days. Food is low. Only grub is left.

Early morning.

Dog is surprisingly awake first. The campfire is burning. A pot of grub. He looks alert and in a good mood. Which is not too common in mornings.

He suggests hunting. Deer in the woods. Some fowl. Taia can pick berries or mushrooms. Or she can stay and watch the cart.

They set out hunting.

Track a deer. Head up along the mountain side. Dog kills it. Venison for dinner! Taia can cook.

Hear a sound in the woods. A slight drizzle. A mist forms. Leaves crunching. Someone's following them. Roll perception.

Boar charges out from the bushes. Roll dodge/agility. Taia rolls again if she's near them. The boar charges Griff.

Taia loses her balance and tumbles down the hillside, through some bushes which slow her fall, and then ends up in a shallow creek quite a ways down from the guys. If she's not with them then Griff can fall.

If Griff goes to follow he feels a hand grab him and pull him away from the edge. At first he thinks it's Dog but Dog is fighting the boar.

The man is his brother. Tries to convince him he's not dead. Been tracking him since their last job. Badly hurt. But hes vague. He knows a quick way down to where Taia fell. Takes them down down another trail leading down.

Dog still thinks someone is following them. Roll perception. Griff feels it too. Dog sees a figure behind a rock. Rushes for him with a crossbow, demanding answers. Is taken a back to see his father.


Taia is cold and lost and no clear way back up. She smells cooking food and a fire through the woods. Familiar voices. She comes across her bandit friends. A smaller group of them. Around 5. They've missed her. Jace is there. Her bf missed her. They he feels real. He tells her they came here tracking treasure from a map.

Tried to take her to the bog. Kisses her. Wants to be alone. Wants to show her something. He is the gold eyed boy in disguise.  He wants her to stay even if she sees through the illusion. He can change her.

She sees the others standing around her. They look different. Most undead. With the wounds that killed them around their bodies.


Back to Griff and Dog. Dog thinks he's hallucinating. Till Griff sees him too. He shoots his dad. The figure turns more ghostly and angry and attacks him. Dogs attacks seem to do nothing. Griffs brother wants him to keep moving and leave Dog.

They can fight. Can't hurt your own ghosts.


Whoever gets to the bog first will try to be drowned in it by the spirits. There is treasure on a small island amongst the bog waters. Filled with coins, jewels. At a closer look they seem to be small items, often worn. Like at the bottom of a wishing fountain.

The spirits try to drag or convince their human to the bog. To feed it. It feeds on life. All of them in some way felt responsible for deaths.

Jace is the last one to be defeated. He has magic to control the bog. Vines. Can move through the bog. Wood forms into a knife the handle of which wraps around his hand. Roll perception. His eyes glow a little brighter when he casts. His weakness. He reaches into the bog to be healed.

Emma shows up when HE'S BLIND.


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