The Seer Plot

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The Seer Plot

Post by Ellamina on Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:06 pm

Seer Plot

A young woman is chained to a chair in a small room with an arched stained glass window. She has faintly glowing silver eyes and silver hair. A priest enters dressed in a robe. "The city is still too corrupt. The duke needs more names. Too many go unpunished."  Her hands are free and she scribbles on papers in front of her. The man looks over her papers. He smirks. "Nice try witch." He crumples one up. Strikes her.

Later on he presents these to the Duke. "The Seer spoke. There are still many that deserve justice. The light will prevail."

The party come to a city, New Harbor, that is run by a duke that is overly religious and trying to drive corruption from the city. He has a seer that can foresee evil individuals in the city.

New Harbor is another port city. Smells of fish and the ocean. Bigger than the last few places the party stopped.

They come to a small inn, The Seagull, at the entrance of the city which is spread out towards the docks in a triangular shape. It is decorated modestly but clean and the food is decent. The in keeper is a tired looking heavy set woman. Recently took over.

A pair of guards dressed in white armor are seen patrolling the streets with holy symbols of the local church over their armor. The inn has the symbol over the front door. It is not Tai's church but it is an off shoot.

The only alcohol that is served is wine, as per the dukes new law. He is trying to "clean up" the city. The innkeeper looks the party over and suggests that they not meddle in any funny business while here. The new duke is very strict. Former innkeeper was imprisoned for illicit behavior.

Come morning the party heads to the market to pick up some supplies and see about getting a ship. There are a lot of the white armored guards around. There are various posted signs about moral behavior that visitors must adhere to. No alcohol on the streets. No prostitution. By decree of the church. A lot of holy symbols.

A group of guards walks down the street led by an old priest. They come upon a house and knock. There is a commotion inside. Two guards go around back. They drag out a man.

"By the seer's decree and the law of light you have been found corrupt." They drag him off. His wife stands in the doorway crying while holding his son. A brand is burned into her door. It is a sign for corruption and that he was a murderer. If the party asks they find out that he had killed another once when he was a boy in a drunken fight. But he was a good man now.

The priest lingers to look over the crowd and looks at Taia. Stares her down. He secretly controls the seer. Hard man with steel blue eyes and a square jaw. Then he leaves. Familiar to her. From her old church. He was very zealous and controlling. Made people uneasy. Very big on punishment. Left the church to follow his own path. Wanted power.

Dogeye is getting some pretty bad withdrawal symptoms. He stops by the apothecary but they only have cigs. He stops by the brothel but it's closed. He stops by a smoke house and again it is closed and boarded up. He curses and lights up yet again.

A shady looking man asks Dog what he needs. There's an underground "club". Dog is interested. Gives him a note. He leaves the party and heads off with the man. Maybe leaves a note.

At the docks there's a few ships but none going to the Isles. The prices for passage are pretty high. The taxes here are high. The Duke banned several ships from entry due to illicit activities. Maybe a ship, Genevive, coming by in a day or two. They import turtle and reptile goods and meats.

While in town. The priest approaches Taia and asks her about her order. Invites her to sit at an outdoor cafe. He is treated very well. Asks a lot of questions.  How she left. Why she left. He is kind of creepy. She gets a bad feeling about staying here. He asks her to come to the church and pray. Cleanse her soul.

Back at the inn Dog never got back. Greenbean finds a note on the floor with the address.

Overhear a guard asking about Greenbean? How she beat a person to death. Need to get them to GTFO now. Can't leave without finding Dog?

Underground drug den and fight club. It is located in a basement of an old cloth warehouse. Copper entrance fee? Hear cheering.

Dog gets pretty fucked up, so much for quitting Luhix. The group finds him shirtless beating the shit out of another man in a bare knuckles fight in the basement. About to kill the man. He is high and in an amazing mood. The crowd is chanting his name. He won three fights. Is happy to see the others. Kisses Taia?

The guards storm the den. But they are not only there for them. People scatter. Some fight. Some flee. It's chaos.

The guards have magic. They use mind spells to knock people out. Roll resist?

The party wakes up in the dungeon. Spend the night there. Come morning: Greenbean is charged and found guilty of murder of the great Thranko. Taia of escape, betrayal of her vows, murder in commission of a crime. Griff is actually innocent? Dog of various small crimes: assault, theft, burglary, piracy.

Griff is released. Called by the apprentices name. No crimes. The fine is all his gold. Lol.

Seer contacts Griff. She made sure he was innocent. The priest is corrupt. Hypocrite. Stop him. She shows him a back entrance to the dungeon if he can't find it himself?

The priest takes Taia aside. He doesn't know her magic. He can make the charges go away. He attempts to take advantage of her in the dungeon church room. She can fight him alone.

Dog is chained in a torture room. Hanging from a ceiling.

It is up to the gang to escape, kill the priest, fight some guards, and free the seer if they want.

The seer may warn them of bad things in their future?


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